Cris contra el Cáncer

Two confronting supporters of the Champions League Final join to defeat something much more important than a football game, they’ll become #HinchasPorLaInvestigación (Fans for research).
The campaign takes as key point the hymn of one of the two supporters, the famous “You’ll never walk alone”, to de-contextualize it from football and bring it into a hymn to support all the people that battles cancer.

Agency: Mi Querido Watson
Client: CRIS Contra el Cáncer
Creative team: Javier Nieto, Álvaro Díaz, Alex Escudero.
Account team: Paloma Atienza, Daniel Martínez
Video production: Kines Producciones
Director: Rubén Mateo
Executive Producer: Benito Álvarez
Producer: Raquel García
PR: QMS Comunicación