La piel vendida

Pornographic cinema has gone from being a product bought on the sly, to being sold at newsstands with the daily press. “The skin sold” aims to open a window to a cinema that we have all seen but that almost nobody knows, and wants to do it -from everyday life- through its protagonists: Its actors, actresses, directors, producers … they tell us his profession from the lights and shadows of a cinema that by dint of being explicit in its images and themes, remains hidden in its motivations: those of the spectator and those of its protagonists.

Data sheet

Director:  Vicente Pérez Herrero

Production: Adán Martín

Screenwriter: Vicente Pérez Herrero

Genre: Documental

Cast: Bibian Norai, Anastassia, Maria Bianco, Denise Valdez, Valeria Da Fogo, Claudia Claire Malena, Nacho Vidal , Jorge Fernández


Cities: Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Tarragona, Palma de Mallorca


  • Español