Intrusos en Manasés

A reporter for a magazine of paranormal phenomena is sent to investigate strange phenomena. He has to go to an abandoned town where all the inhabitants disappeared in strange circumstances, a few weeks before the end of the Second World War. All the inhabitants of the town of Manasés disappeared in less than 24 hours after a German plane crashed. The journalist, who has just witnessed a serious accident, arrives in the ghost town to do a report for her magazine. There is nothing conventional about what awaits you.

Data sheet

Director:  Juan Carlos Claver

Production: Juan Carlos Claver, Xavier Crespo, Adán Martín, Joan Ginard

Screenwriter: Daniel García, David Muñoz

Genre: Terror

Cast: Belén López, Armando Del Río, Marina Gatell, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Alejandro Jornet, Sonia Lázaro, Empar Canet, Juan Fernández, Inés Díaz


Cities: Guadalajara, Madrid, Sevilla


  • Español