A group of friends use ecstasy to put friendship, love and life to the test, leaving aside their families, studies, jobs and other conventions. They believe they have discovered the secret of happiness, but inevitably the memory of a painful common experience resurfaces and a relationship with drug trafficking crosses their path. Then they have no choice but to open their eyes and face reality.

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Director:  Orestes Lara

Production: Xavier Crespo, Juan Carlos Claver, Manuel Estudillo

Screenwriter: Pep Garrido

Genre: Drama

Cast: Xavi Solà, Pau Roca, Ricard Sales, Marieta Orozco, Elisa Hermosa, Mar Ulldemolins, Ariadna Cabrol, Iván Moreno, Mar Colàs, Carles Cuevas, Jordi Ballester


  • Español