Entre esquelas

Víctor Heras is a young journalist who works for a newspaper writing obituaries and various articles on society. Although he, actually, dreams with being a writer. One day, he discovers a notice published with his own signature and decides to go to the funeral. There he will meet a mysterious woman: María Buccetti, a famous film and theater actress who has decided to retire from the stage with a last play, “Fedra”. From that very moment, a strange attraction will make Victor want to know more about her.

Data sheet

Director:  Adán Martín

Production: Xavier Crespo, Juan Carlos Claver, Manuel Estudillo

Screenwriter: David Esteban Cubero, María Mercedes Carrillo

Genre: Drama

Cast: Marisol Membrillo, Álex García, Álvaro Báguena, Saida Benzal, Empar Canet


Cities: Valencia


  • Español