Kines Producciones is a video production company stationed in Madrid, Spain. Specialized in the production of corporative and institutional videos, advertising, the technical organization for events and producing feature films and documentary.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we count with an advanced and experienced group of professionals. We handle all the different necessities that may surface during the production process, from the preparation, the post-production and the final distribution. All with the ability to do so with our own resources.


Our clients include communication and advertising agencies, associations and public institutions, NGOs and university schools. Including as well international services and productions.

Our solutions include:

Production of different types of audiovisual content. Such as advertisement spots, corporative and branded content.

We carry out the technical and creative aspects of events, road-shows, presentation of results, shareholder meetings and direct marketing.

Audiovisual services: video edition, subtitling and captioning, voice overs, translations, video recording and photography.